Moving Kpax from one server to another server

Provenant du ticket #4308.

hi, i want to move kpax agent to another server.

if I enter puk code in new server, this one tell me that client is already registered...

how to please ?

best regard.


Dear Mr,

Your case has been taken into account, the incident number is #4308.

Regarding your question, it is not possible link a new Agent with the same PUK code. You have to create a new Agent, and delete the old one. When you will delete the old Agent, it will ask you if you want - or not - to keep the devices. You should keep the devices, they will be moved to "Not connected" status, and when the new Agent will scan the devices, they will be moved to "Managed" status.

Following the answer, we close the case #4308, feel free to contact us again if needed.


Technical Support


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